Altio [Insight]

Data publishing

In today's terms, data publishing is often viewed as online enterprise reporting, using mostly static data and aimed for internal use only.

Altio [Insight] is not just a reporting solution, it is much more than that.

We provide a solution that manages data held in spreadsheets (and other data sources), transforms it into dynamic reports & charts, combines it with research commentary and delivers this to your clients through a rich, interactive web application.

Our data publishing definition:

To transform proprietary company data and documents from one or more sources and deliver it to their customers through interactive, online applications.


Solution architecture

Data Data can be stored and retrieved in spreadsheet format or through integration accelerators. Copy and paste straight from MS-Excel or retrieve one or more database or enterprise systems, we have the data modelling and integration expertise to help out with that!
User settings User settings control the ability of your staff to perform tasks e.g. Approve content, edit data.
Workflow Workflow manages the changes to research data, controlling when information is made available to end users.
Online interaction
  • Visually-rich user interface goes beyond your customers expectations, fuelling customer demand and satisfaction.
  • Data can be used in presentation mode or as an interactive dashboard, taking this way beyond a static web page.
  • Extensive pre-designed templates enable accelerated chart visualisation, making content production run like clock work.
  • Add commentary to key information to enhance the value of the data to the customer.
  • Analyse the way users interact with the system, meaning you can continually improve the user experience and add value.
Data download Users can export to Excel, PDF or PowerPoint (where they can edit to suit their specific presentation needs).
User profiles Profiles control the type of data users have access to and their ability to export the data to different formats.
Subscription Multiple subscription levels provide targeted data access and in turn build new revenue streams.