Our approach

Requirement Analysis: Modelling from the users perspective

Initially the interfaces consist of the screens, controls, data fields and menus. Users work iteratively with the Altio UI and Usability experts to accomplish these critical goals:

  • Guarantee screens reflect unique needs
  • Ensure 'Altio accelerators' are included in initial design decisions (this helps to save you time and money)
  • Guarantee data requirements are captured
  • Guarantee the link between data and user interface is understood
  • Guarantee 'user stories' match application design

These screens are then hooked together so that the flow of the application begins to evolve. At this point, the user can tell us what is right and what is wrong. With this feedback, we then confidently deliver the roadmap for the Altio Application that meets your needs. This includes:

  • Data model
  • Functional specification
  • Integration plan
  • Project plan

Select capabilities

Why start from scratch? In most cases we can use components already developed by Altio which accelerates the implementation and saves you time and money. We will take the user interface and architecture and work out the best mix of custom and customisable-off-the-shelf elements to build the best solution.

Software delivery

Development can be a fairly removed process for the client... Altio understands that providing a transparent development phase helps not only reassure business users, but helps our Developers, Project Managers and QA teams to know they are building the right solution. To this end, we use Jira, by Atlassian, to keep client and developers connected and on track.

Altio project savings